Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

We lead the way in regulatory compliance.

Regulatory Compliance

At Nicopure Labs, all of our products are made in accordance with industry laws and regulations, respecting product quality requirements.

Vaping Industry Regulatory Compliance

Compliance has two factions: a regulatory component, and a corporate quality component (Found in the page Commitment to Quality).

Following regulatory compliance is clockwork for all employees in our day-to-day operations at Nicopure Labs. There are numerous laws, regulations, and guidelines that every company in our industry must adhere to, in various jurisdictions. Virtually all aspects of our business, from packaging to marketing initiatives, are subject to scrutiny by a number of governing bodies. In addition to the authorities, our industry is closely observed by our consumers, our peers and, of course, other e-liquid manufacturers. In today’s world, where communication is almost instantaneous worldwide, the manner in which we conduct our business is one of the most important elements of the success and sustainability of our organization. Without the trust of our business partners and customers, there would be no Nicopure Labs.

International Regulatory Compliance

At Nicopure Labs, our vast knowledge of regulatory compliance is a major advantage allowing us to remain a step ahead of any regulatory development affecting our industry. Being ahead of the game has tangible benefits to the business. For example, in the early stages of our company, we were the only American e-liquid manufacturer on the French market to promptly comply with local product labeling requirements. As a result, we increased our presence and gained a competitive advantage in that market, which is still flourishing today. Our founders had the fortitude to go the extra mile, investing in the compliance of their products, ultimately securing an immaculate reputation which the entire Nicopure Labs family can be proud of.

In order to be closer to its important European markets and affirm compliance with the upcoming Tobacco Products Directive implementation in EU member states, we created two European affiliates within the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This allows us to streamline our regulatory review process and ensure all of our products, packaging, ingredients, and processes are in line with applicable local legislation at all times.

Regulatory Compliance in the U.S.

In addition to our product packaging and labeling, we lead the way in regulatory compliance by proactively investing in our manufacturing facility in the United States. Therefore, we can promptly meet all regulatory requirements for our products to existing and new markets once applicable FDA regulation becomes final. Our manufacturing facility is and will remain ready for government inspection through constant investment in equipment, management, and procedures. What distinguishes us from many is the knowledge of how the FDA works and what is expected of our industry. This knowledge allows us to stay ahead of the curve in anticipating what will be needed for regulatory submissions and what legal scientific developments are likely to impact our business. Furthermore, in today’s litigious environment, regulatory compliance is meaningful in protecting our business from costly litigation, as it demonstrates responsibility and development of best practices, which is ultimately what society expects from us.