Webinar: Product Standards Under the Tobacco Control Act

Tobacco harm reduction

Webinar: Product Standards Under the Tobacco Control Act

The FDA Deeming Rule brings a large number of new nicotine containing products under the Tobacco Control Act. If product standards are issued by the FDA in the future, they will have to be issued under the authority conferred by the Tobacco Control Act, specifically section 907. Watch as Patricia Kovacevic, general counsel and chief compliance officer at Nicopure Labs, discusses the Tobacco Control Act, how product standards may be adopted, and some examples of the types of product standards that could be adopted.

@1:24 Tobacco Control Act
@3:38 How Product Standards are Adopted
@5:45 Examples of Product Standards
@12:17 After Product Standards are Adopted

Nicopure Labs is a premium American e-liquid manufacturer and wholesale distributor, with three international brands: Halo, eVo, and Purity.

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