VTA Grows in Size, Adding 70 New Members

VTA Grows in Size, Adding 70 New Members

The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) has added more than 70 members since its launch in late January, adding to its already substantial network of manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, small-business owners and entrepreneurs in the vapor technology industry.

In addition to Nicopure Labs, a founding member, and Next Generation Labs, Intrepid Brands, VMR Products, Gaiatrend USA and Tobacco Technology Inc., new members include Purebacco USA and the Tennessee Smoke Free Association (TSFA), a leading advocacy group with a focus on Tobacco Harm Reduction through the use of personal vaporizers.

“VTA and its leadership bring a much-needed, fresh perspective to the industry and a responsible approach to the public policies that impact it,” said Dimitris Agrafiotis, executive director of the Tennessee Smoke Free Association. “The Tennessee Smoke Free Association is committed to promoting greater public health through vapor products, and we will work hand in hand with VTA to fight proposed federal regulations that only serve to eliminate this anti-smoking alternative.”

“We are excited to hit the ground running with respected industry leaders like Dimitris Agrafiotis and the Tennessee Smoke Free Association which is dedicated to promoting a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products,” said Tony Abboud, VTA’s national legislative director. “With partners like TSFA, we will aggressively advocate on behalf of all segments of the industry at the federal and state levels, and fight back against organizations that—until now—have remained virtually unchecked in their propagation of misleading information about vapor products.”

To learn more about the Vapor Technology Association (VTA), visit www.vaportechnology.org.

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