Vapor Technology Association-CALL TO ACTION

Vapor Technology Association-CALL TO ACTION

The VTA has issued a CALL TO ACTION on Senator Richard Blumenthal’s proposed amendment to the FAA Reauthorization Bill which seeks to prohibit the carrying of battery-powered portable electronic smoking devices in checked and carry-on baggage.

Here is What You Need to Know Now:

  • Sen. Blumenthal has been trying to garner support on this issue for some time over the past year.
  • Numerous amendments have been proposed on the FAA Reauthorization Bill and new ones are still being filed.
  • Senate GOP Leadership will determine on which of these amendments a vote will be taken; many will not be allowed a vote.
  • Decisions will be made by leadership on what amendments to accept in the next few days.

What VTA Has Been Doing:

  • The end of last week, over the weekend, and today on the Hill, VTA’s Government Affairs Team has been in regular contact with Senate leadership on this issue, has been in contact with the FAA Reauthorization Bill sponsor, and is currently communicating with all relevant members.

What You Need to Do Now:

  • First, we need you to e-mail each of the Republican U.S. Senators from your state.
  • Second, only if you live or run your business in Virginia, Montana, North Dakota, West Virginia, or Maine do we want to e-mail these six Democratic U.S. Senators:
    • Sen. Mark Warner (D-Virginia)
    • Sen. John Tester (D-Montana)
    • Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia)
    • Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Virginia)
    • Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-North Dakota)
    • Sen. Angus King (D-Maine)
  • Here’s how: Open VTA’s Call to Action Portal: and click TAKE ACTION.
  • Enter your information and hit submit, so your list of elected officials comes up.
  • Uncheck everyone unless he/she is a Republican U.S. Senator or one of the six Democrats listed above.  (Note: If you have no Republican Senator and you do not live in one of the listed states, do NOT send the e-mail.)
  • In the Subject line write:  “OPPOSE S.A. 3547.”
  • Then, copy & paste (or customize) the following message:

Senator –

As one of your constituents who is committed to eliminating smoking and reducing Americans’ reliance on cigarettes, I strongly encourage you to OPPOSE Amendment 3547, proposed by Senator Blumenthal, to the FAA Reauthorization Bill.  This amendment literally jeopardizes the health of adult smokers who are desperately trying reduce smoking or quit altogether by forcing them to leave their vapor products at home whenever they fly.  Adult smokers must retain the right to travel with the one technology product that they say is enabling them to reduce or quit smoking.

At the same time, this amendment would permit all other technology products that contain the very same batteries – such as tablets, mobile phones, and laptops – in carry-on luggage without any explanation.

As a result, people who are using vapor products to quit smoking will be forced to pay a “travel tax” of purchasing brand new products and then leave them at their destination before returning home.

It is entirely inconsistent that anyone who purports to be against cigarette smoking would endorse an amendment that prevents current and former smokers from traveling with the one electronic device that is actually changing and saving lives.   Senate Amendment 3547 to the FAA Reauthorization Bill does not deserve to be heard and should be opposed. Thank you for your consideration.


To read VTA’s official guidance, please click here.

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