Statement from Nicopure’s CEO Jeff Stamler on the Anniversary of FDA’s Deeming Rule

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Statement from Nicopure’s CEO Jeff Stamler on the Anniversary of FDA’s Deeming Rule

August 8, 2017-TAMPA, FL- Nicopure Labs, LLC, the leading manufacturer of American-made e-liquids, releases a statement from CEO Jeff Stamler on the anniversary of the FDA’s Deeming Rule taking effect.

“August 8 marks the one-year anniversary of the FDA’s Deeming Rule. In 2016, this was a historic day for the vaping industry. A day that a rule took effect that will eventually cost adult Americans their freedom to choose between deadly cigarettes and an alternative that the Royal College of Physicians said is 95% safer.

Friday, July 21, 2017 was another day that will forever change the lives of millions of Americans.  A day when a Federal Judge decided that her allegiance to politics was far more important than helping millions of adult smokers who struggle with tobacco cigarette addiction every day of their lives, as they slowly poison their bodies until their untimely deaths. A day that came and went with little notice, on a Friday, the perfect day for a story to break in the world of politics.

On this day, Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled in favor of the FDA versus Nicopure Labs on all counts, as Nicopure Labs fought for the rights of the American adult smoker and their families.  Nicopure Labs challenged the FDA’s Deeming Rule in May 2016, which has the potential to destroy the vaping industry for companies other than Big Tobacco.  Judge Jackson waited 9 months to make a decision on this case after having all of the required information since October 2016…Why the delay?

In my opinion, her political motivations played a role, because why decide on a case in favor of adult smokers when deciding against them puts the responsibility on politicians to save the industry instead? If they decide to do so, the anti-tobacco community will go on the attack, putting all adult smokers struggling with tobacco cigarette addiction at risk of never finding an alternative to the thousands of chemicals and tar that they are currently putting into their bodies every day.

One week later on July 28, 2017, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb held a press conference where he announced a new comprehensive plan for tobacco and nicotine regulation with the goal of significantly reducing tobacco-related disease and death. He acknowledges the importance of taking a fresh and new look at the non-combustible side of nicotine and has directed the Center for Tobacco Products to reconsider aspects of the final deeming rule. With this he extended the PMTA deadline for vaping products until 2022, an extension of four years. While this is hopeful, it’s not enough to save the lives of Americans who struggle with cigarette addiction.  It doesn’t change the grandfather date that will destroy the industry and shutter many small businesses around the nation, and it doesn’t allow for new products to be introduced to the market, killing innovation in America, as the rest of the world will continue to evolve and break free from the grasps of Big Tobacco and their death sticks.

Nicopure’s challenge against the FDA was the first, and it put a relentless amount of pressure on the FDA to reevaluate its position. Nicopure argued for science-based, reasonable regulation as opposed to being stuck under the umbrella of the Tobacco Control Act which designated smoking and vaping as the same. Dr. Gottlieb’s announcement on July 28 was a direct result of our relentless pressure and advocacy efforts. As a company, we will continue leading the way by being at the forefront of our industry and putting an emphasis on reasonable regulation, conducting business through responsible manufacturing, and not marketing to children.

The regulatory climate is very different in Europe. European regulations have helped legitimize the vaping industry for more than a year now, leading to safer products for the adult consumer and resulting in millions of people continuing to give up smoking, while the FDA regulation all but serves up the vaping industry to the Big Tobacco companies on a silver platter, putting the future of so many Americans back into the hands that have tricked and poisoned them for years.

On August 8, 2017, I’m forced to question when will politics stop interfering with an adult’s right to choose?  There is no doubt that vaping products, that have been proven to help so many adult smokers kick the habit of smoking tobacco products, should still be studied but not destroyed as there are many benefits and even more success stories.  I am a true believer in the greater good, in helping those in need and generally speaking, karma itself.  I’m not in the business of politics, but I am in the business of helping others and there are many others just like me.  I will no longer stand silent and hope after witnessing firsthand a judicial system, that is designed to work in the best interest of the American people through the brilliant words of the Constitution of the United States of America, fall victim to the political machine of America, as addiction continues to spread and good people continue to be poisoned and die, as families lose loved ones, and for the loved ones who spend their last days on earth struggling to survive, instead of reflecting on the wonderful memories they’ve built over a lifetime.

You’ve heard my voice America…Now let me hear yours!”

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