Nicopure Labs Responds to UK Royal College of Physicians Report

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Nicopure Labs Responds to UK Royal College of Physicians Report

April 28, 2015-TAMPA,FL Nicopure Labs, LLC, a leading U.S. e-liquid manufacturer, welcomes today’s UK Royal College of Physicians report “Nicotine Without Smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction.”

In response to the report, Jeff Stamler, Nicopure Labs CEO and co-founder, said “Tobacco harm reduction can only be achieved if public health organizations and governments are completely transparent and proactive with respect to comparative risks of nicotine containing products. Our UK subsidiary and our European customers now have access to reliable guidance from the Royal College of Physicians regarding our products’ potential role in reducing the death and disease toll from cigarettes.”

This new, 200-page report by the most prominent physician’s organization in the UK addresses controversies and misunderstanding surrounding vaping products and other non-tobacco sources of nicotine.

Patricia Kovacevic, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, summarized the report’s key areas: “The Royal College of Physicians findings are clear: 1. E-cigarettes are not a gateway to smoking. 2. Their use does not result in normalization of smoking. 3. Among smokers, e-cigarette use is likely to lead to quit attempts and eventually successful smoking cessation. 4. Possibility of long term harm cannot be entirely dismissed but it is likely to be very small, and substantially smaller than that arising from smoking. These findings should weigh heavily here, in the U.S., against the FDA’s decision to issue a deeming rule that may decimate the vaping industry.”

Read the Royal College of Physicians press release here:

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