Nicopure Labs Responds to Report on Reshaping the U.S. Tobacco Policy

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Nicopure Labs Responds to Report on Reshaping the U.S. Tobacco Policy

TAMPA, Fla. (Jan. 31, 2017) — Nicopure Labs, LLC, the leading manufacturer of premium American-made e-liquids, releases a statement in response to the report on reshaping the U.S. tobacco policy.

The report – authored by Clive Bates, director at Counterfactual, Eli Lehrer, president and co-founder of R Street Institute and David Sweanor, adjunct professor of law at University of Ottawa – highlights eight federal strategies to fight smoking, promote vaping and ignite a public health revolution. It comes as misleading information and strict regulations surround the vaping industry.

“This report is an opportunity for the FDA and vaping community to work together to find a solution for tobacco harm reduction,” said Jeff Stamler, CEO at Nicopure Labs. “If you read the report and are familiar with vaping products, you will learn that the risks associated with them are far less than the risks that come with using combustible cigarettes. That information alone could save a smoker’s life, unfortunately, it’s a message the FDA, through its Deeming Rule, doesn’t want publicized. However, if the FDA was willing to have an open dialog with the industry, this report would be an excellent jump off point.”

According to the report, e-cigarettes are a reduced risk product that has the potential for major health and economic gains. Unfortunately, the policies in place actively deny these opportunities. The strategies outlined in the report – such as cancelling the FDA deeming rule, allow accurate harm reduction messaging on labels and restoring honesty to public health campaigns – propose a market-based harm reduction approach.

“We are hopeful this report will open the door to a serious conversation with the FDA,” said Patricia Kovacevic, general counsel and chief compliance officer at Nicopure Labs. “We believe something needs to be done to protect the thousands of businesses that are a crucial player in the global tobacco harm reduction strategy, and help those who are eager to quit smoking have easy access to vaping products.”

Read the report here.

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