Nicopure Labs Responds to the FDA Deeming Rule

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Nicopure Labs Responds to the FDA Deeming Rule

MAY 5, 2016- TAMPA, FL- Nicopure Labs LLC, the leading manufacturer of American-made e-liquids, responds to the FDA publishing its Deeming Rule, regulating vaping products under the Tobacco Control Act.

“Today is a historic day for the vaping industry that will no doubt cost some adult Americans the freedom of choice, the choice between deadly cigarettes and alternative ways they receive their nicotine through advancements in technology and innovation,” said Jeff Stamler, CEO and co-founder of Nicopure Labs. “Unfortunately the FDA continues to seek a one-size-fits all approach to tobacco product regulation and failed to live by the administration’s own Mission Statement, as the FDA chose not to provide the public with science-based information while advancing public health and encouraging innovation, but instead published a rule that essentially chokes off the ability to innovate within the vaping industry.”

Nicopure Labs has been expecting this regulation and is familiar with its requirements. As a result, the company remains committed to compliance with any applicable laws and regulations and continues to be committed to responsible manufacturing based on superior product standards, and stringent quality control guidelines.

“We are fully supportive of science-based and reasonable regulation of the vaping industry, and will continue taking steps in advancing the conversation,” said Jason Del Giudice, CTO and co-founder of Nicopure Labs. “As a premium e-liquid manufacturer, we have prepared for the Deeming Rule and put a strong emphasis on good manufacturing practices.”

“This is a day that will transform an industry that is filled with believers who trust the product because of their own first hand experiences, experiences that they’ve also seen through the eyes of their friends and loved ones who were freed from the grasp of cigarettes, and not experiences that they’re manipulated into adopting through the clever marketing tactics that have been used against them for years by the tobacco companies. The same tobacco companies that they’ve tried so hard to break free from, and in one single day are now reunited with as a lasting result of the FDA’s Deeming Rule,” said Stamler.

About Nicopure Labs, LLC

Operating since 2009, Tampa-based Nicopure Labs, LLC is a leading e-liquid and vaporizer device manufacturer with operations in the U.S. and Europe. Nicopure Labs has recently upgraded its 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution operations in Gainesville, Florida. Distributing to over 90 countries worldwide, Nicopure Labs has also expanded its presence with the recent addition of a European headquarters in the Netherlands and offices in England.

For more information about Nicopure Labs and their premium American-made e-liquids, or their innovative line of devices, please visit for company information or for distributor or reseller information.

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