Nicopure Labs Reasserts Commitment to Protecting Children

Nicopure Labs Reasserts Commitment to Protecting Children

In recent reports, anti-tobacco groups have expressed alarm at a rise in the number of sweet-flavored tobacco products available, particularly in the form of cigars and e-cigarettes. The reason for this increase, these reports suggest, is that tobacco companies are trying to lure children in as customers.

We’ll leave the cigars for someone else to discuss because, despite being lumped in with Big Tobacco by anti-tobacco groups and the FDA, Nicopure Labs is not in the tobacco business.

More important, Nicopure Labs does not, has never, and will never market or sell to children. This is one point on which we can unreservedly agree with anti-tobacco groups. We can’t speak to the intentions of any actual tobacco company, nor of other e-cigarette manufacturers that may have questionable marketing practices.

Nicopure Labs has gone to great lengths to ensure children are not able to purchase our products. We use an age-verification process on our website that is one of the most stringent available. Customers cannot simply click “YES” or “NO” to verify whether they are of legal vaping age. They must provide complete personal information, including birthdate, which is then confirmed against multiple official databases before they can make any purchase.

The “evidence” that e-cigarette makers are targeting children with their products, as presented by anti-tobacco groups, is flimsy and flawed. Especially in the case of Nicopure Labs.

Reports cite an increase in the variety and sales of “unique” e-cigarette flavors, without making the connection that many former adult smokers and adults looking for an alternative to smoking are driving those numbers.

They suggest that sweet e-liquid flavors are intended to attract children. No consideration seems to have been given to the fact that a sweet tooth is something adults also have.

Sweet-flavored e-liquids appeal to adults with diverse palates who wish to enjoy a vaping flavor experience beyond tobacco or menthol.

Curiously, beer producers that market blueberry, chocolate, and peanut butter flavors don’t seem to garner the same attention or criticism. But that’s an issue for another industry.

There are also claims that the colorful packaging of some vaping products is designed to draw the attention of children.

Without delving too deeply into marketing, Packaging 101 says you must make something that appeals to the eye, whether there’s a toy for a child or a vaping product for an adult inside. Children are not alone in their interest in colorful things.

In addition, e-cigarettes are age-restricted products typically sold in vape shops, which often impose their own age restrictions on entry. Given this, one might wonder if the concern is that children will accompany their parents into a vape shop and cajole them into buying e-liquid as if it were a breakfast cereal in a colorful box. Unlikely.

Nicopure Labs, in fact, took the lead on responsible packaging, being the company that made childproof caps and protective plastic seals on e-liquid bottles standard for the industry. Clearly, child safety is our primary concern.

The greater aim of these unfounded and dubious reports from anti-tobacco groups is to encourage additional regulations from the FDA. This in spite of the fact that the FDA placed extensive and onerous restrictions on the vaping industry through its Deeming Rule starting in 2016.

These restrictions include cost-prohibitive premarket application testing for each product. Most manufacturers, or those that are newly defined as manufacturers under the rule, will not be able to shoulder the financial burden.

We at Nicopure Labs remain committed to keeping our products away from children, through enforcing age-restrictions on all sales, childproof packaging, and other measures. Responsible practices have been the cornerstone of our business since the beginning, and that will never change.

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