Nicopure Labs Helps Launch Vapor Technology Association (VTA)

Nicopure Labs LLC, proud manufacturer of American-made Halo and eVo e-liquids and of the Tracer, Reactor, Triton and G6 devices, is a founding member of the recently launched Vapor Technology Association (VTA). VTA is the advocate for leaders in the vapor community, developing new technologies for the benefit of public health, and promoting small businesses and job growth, responsible public policies and regulations, and a high standard of safety within the industry.

Patricia Kovacevic, the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Nicopure Labs, is on the VTA’s board. Other VTA board members include Ron Tully of Next Generation Labs, Brittani Cushman of Intrepid Brands, Sanjiv Desai of VMR Products, Patricia Kovacevic of Nicopure Labs, Arnaud Dumas de Rauly of GaiaTrend USA and George Cassels-Smith of Tobacco Technology Inc.

Read VTA’s press release or visit for more information about Nicopure Labs’ active involvement with industry leadership.



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