FDA’s Deeming Rule: Webinar by Patricia Kovacevic

The popularity and sales of vaping related products saw a drastic increase in 2015. As the industry becomes more mainstream, the role of government and regulatory restrictions will also play a pivotal role in the future of vaping. So what does this all mean and how will it affect manufacturers, retailers and all involved in the vaping industry?

In order to better understand the implications of the upcoming FDA Deeming Rules & Regulations, General Counsel and Chief Compliance officer of Nicopure Labs, LLC, Patricia Kovacevic, examines in great detail what to expect in her exclusive webinar. 

In her webinar on the FDA’s Deeming Rule, Patricia explains how the upcoming e-cigarette regulations from the FDA will influence changes within the industry. Vape store owners, e-liquid manufacturers, e-cigarette importers and others in the industry will learn how these regulations could impact their businesses. At the end of the video, Patricia addresses audience questions regarding the upcoming FDA decision.

Watch Patricia Kovacevic’s Webinar on the FDA’s Deeming Rule

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