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CALL TO ACTION: Protect children by urging Congress to support the Cole-Bishop Amendment!

We keep hearing about how too many kids get access to vapor products. We are doing our part, but the government’s current regulatory regime doesn’t prioritize the protection of the most vulnerable among us. This has to change; the government must shift its focus towards reducing children’s access to [...]


VTA: By Treating Vapor as Tobacco, FDA’s Deeming Regulations Put Consumers at Risk of Injury by Explosions, Fire

COLE-BISHOP WOULD FORCE FDA TO IMPLEMENT BATTERY PRODUCT STANDARDS WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Vapor Technology Association (VTA) addressed the FDA’s inaction on public safety standards for vapor products as there continue to be reports of e-cigarette batteries catching on fire, putting consumers at risk. VTA National Legislative Director Tony [...]


VTA Issues Call to Action: Tell Congress How the Deeming Rule Will Impact Your Business

There is a lot to get done in order to pass the Cole-Bishop Amendment, which will keep the vaping industry alive by changing the grandfather date of vaping products in the Deeming Rule to August 8, 2016. Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee, [...]


FAA Reauthorization Bill Passes Without Blumenthal’s Amendment

Nicopure Labs, LLC and the Vapor Technology Association are happy to announce that the FAA Reauthorization Bill passed without the amendment that would have banned battery-powered vaping devices in checked and in carry-on baggage. Sen. Blumenthal's amendment was never heard and is officially dead. To read VTA's official guidance, please [...]


VTA Responds to Proposed FDA Regulations

The FDA’s Deeming Regulation on vaping products is rumored to be announced later this month. In light of this rule, the Vapor Technology Association has issued a statement. “Despite an overabundance of distorted and misleading information propagated by some in the public health community, the science is clear-responsibly manufactured vapor [...]


VTA: Promising the Vapor Industry a Fresh Perspective

This article was written by Jennifer Gelfand and originally published in the March/April 2016 edition of Tobacco Business International. Like many in the vapor industry, Tony Abboud, national legislative director of the newly formed Vapor Technology Association (VTA), is alarmed by what he sees. “We have a concerted effort among groups that are hostile to [...]