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FDA Gives Vaping Industry Breathing Room on Costly Product Reviews

FDA Gives Vaping Industry Breathing Room on Costly Product Reviews was written by Steve Birr and published on The Daily Vaper on July 28, 2017. Officials with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Friday they are pushing off the deadline requiring vaping retailers to submit costly product applications that threaten their businesses. FDA Commissioner [...]


Nicopure Labs Embraces TPD with Compliance

In 2001 the European Union enacted its Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) to regulate conventional tobacco products across the Continent. Thirteen years later the EU amended the TPD to incorporate vaping products, regardless of their lack of tobacco content. The vaping industry had been put on notice. May 20, 2016 was [...]


VTA: By Treating Vapor as Tobacco, FDA’s Deeming Regulations Put Consumers at Risk of Injury by Explosions, Fire

COLE-BISHOP WOULD FORCE FDA TO IMPLEMENT BATTERY PRODUCT STANDARDS WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Vapor Technology Association (VTA) addressed the FDA’s inaction on public safety standards for vapor products as there continue to be reports of e-cigarette batteries catching on fire, putting consumers at risk. VTA National Legislative Director Tony [...]


VTA Issues Call to Action: Tell Congress How the Deeming Rule Will Impact Your Business

There is a lot to get done in order to pass the Cole-Bishop Amendment, which will keep the vaping industry alive by changing the grandfather date of vaping products in the Deeming Rule to August 8, 2016. Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee, [...]


FDA Assigns Zero Value To Smokers Who Die Because Of Its E-Cigarette Regulations

 FDA Assigns Zero Value to Smokers Who Die Because of Its E-Cigarette Regulations was written by Jacob Sullum and published on Forbes on August 11, 2016. The Food and Drug Administration’s e-cigarette regulations, which took effect this week, immediately struck two blows against public health. As of Monday, companies that sell vaping [...]