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George Farah

Nicopure Labs Appoints Tobacco Industry Leader to Vice President International

October 18, 2016-TAMPA, FL-Nicopure Labs, LLC, the leading manufacturer of American-made e-liquids, announces the appointment of George Farah to Vice President International. With more than 30 years of experience in business management around the globe, George spent 26 years with Philip Morris International before becoming a managing partner in Levant [...]

George Farah

Nicopure Labs Taps Veteran Industry Expert to Head Corporate and Legal Affairs for Europe

TAMPA, FL, September 27, 2016 — Nicopure Labs, LLC, the leading manufacturer of premium American-made e-liquids, announces the addition of Charles Hamshaw-Thomas as its Head of Corporate and Legal Affairs for Europe. Charles’ career spans several decades and continents, with his most recent post being Corporate Affairs, Business Development and Legal [...]

George Farah

Nicopure Labs Appoints New Chief Marketing Officer

TAMPA, FL-Nicopure Labs, LLC, the leading manufacturer of American-made e-liquid brands Halo, eVo, and Purity, announces the appointment of Neil Calvesbert to Chief Marketing Officer. With more than 25 years of experience successfully executing global brand visions and strategies, building content-driven digital marketing programs, and leading global teams and departments [...]

George Farah

Webinar: Ensuring Quality Without Specific E-Liquid cGMPs

Good manufacturing processes are put in place to ensure proper design, monitoring, and to control manufacturing processes and facilities, which in turn, ensure a quality product. Watch as Daniel Morgan, Quality Assurance Director at Nicopure Labs, provides an overview of good manufacturing practices. CONTENT OVERVIEW @2:19- Good Manufacturing Practices @3:20- International Organization for Standardization @5:56-Quality [...]

VTA Issues Call to Action: Tell Congress How the Deeming Rule Will Impact Your Business

There is a lot to get done in order to pass the Cole-Bishop Amendment, which will keep the vaping industry alive by changing the grandfather date of vaping products in the Deeming Rule to August 8, 2016. Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee, [...]

FDA Deeming Rule Q&A with Patricia Kovacevic

In this webinar, recorded on August 11, 2016, Patricia Kovacevic answered questions live about the FDA Deeming Rule. @7:25 FDA Inspections @13:33 Mixing Liquids/Re-Labeling Products in Stores @17:15 Sampling @24:25 Online Sales, Advertising, and Apps @32:39 Update on Litigation @42:16 Consumers Handling Products Prior to Purchase @49:28 Repackaging Products About Nicopure Labs Nicopure Labs is a premium American [...]

FDA Assigns Zero Value To Smokers Who Die Because Of Its E-Cigarette Regulations

 FDA Assigns Zero Value to Smokers Who Die Because of Its E-Cigarette Regulations was written by Jacob Sullum and published on Forbes on August 11, 2016. The Food and Drug Administration’s e-cigarette regulations, which took effect this week, immediately struck two blows against public health. As of Monday, companies that sell vaping [...]