Shaping the Regulatory Environment

Shaping the Regulatory Environment

Our compliance team actively works to stay ahead of regulatory changes.

Shaping the Regulatory Environment

According to the CDC, conventional cigarette smoking is responsible for over 480,000 deaths per year in the United States. In spite of Draconian anti-tobacco regulations implemented in many countries around the globe, the smoking health crisis is still a major issue. However, the advent of e-cigarettes and other vaping products has inspired hope, generating new alternatives for smokers. It is imperative regulators worldwide get up to speed and finalize a regulatory framework that maximizes the tobacco-harm-reduction potential of vaping products while ensuring consumer protection, encouraging innovation, and preventing illicit trade.

Given the nature of our industry, with consideration for the many unknown long-term effects, e-cigarettes and vaping products in general must be regulated on the basis of the best available science. Knowing and being able to influence what regulatory changes are coming is crucial in making strategic decisions for our business.

Our Compliance Team

At Nicopure Labs, our compliance team is active on many fronts, aiming to stay ahead of regulatory changes. We relentlessly engage worldwide with anti-tobacco thought leaders, reputable scientists, regulators and, most importantly, our consumers to shape the conversation and regulatory outcomes in which impact our industry. Opportunities to educate and comment publicly are carefully selected as we listen intently to all stakeholders’ views before seeking to be understood. Examples of our recent docket submissions may be found in the links below:

Nicopure Labs, LLC Comments:

Jan 05, 2016: Refill Mechanism of Electronic Cigarettes

Jan 25 2016: Investigational Tobacco Products

Sept 24, 2015: Child Resistant ANPRM

Nov 30, 2015: Submission to FDA-2015-N-2002-0008

Democratic society affords companies and individuals various legal protections that may not be available in other jurisdictions; therefore, it is important to tailor our message and engagement in accordance with the legal framework of the various jurisdictions where we operate. We know our rights, the rights of our consumers and aspirations — to be smoke free — and we will not hesitate to deploy all reasonable and constructive legal tactics to defend our rights.

The Future of the Vaping Industry

So, what do we stand for?

We advocate for regulations that require product quality as well as initiatives which mandate vaping products to include child safety features, bar codes, and clear and concise labeling. We want regulations that call for vaping products to be responsibly sold to people of a legal age. Additionally, we seek laws requiring products to be made under sanitary conditions with documented known ingredients and appropriate policies in place to ensure consumer protection and product consistency. We support reasonable taxation commensurate with the harm-reduction potential of vaping products. Last but not least, we are a proponent for consistent and, where feasible, centralized regulation of vaping products worldwide. We take the lead in the industry through our founding member status in the Vapor Technology Association, which is the industry voice on the Capitol and with regulators.