Contract Manufacturing


Turnkey solutions for any phase of the manufacturing process including production, development, compliance and distribution

  • Base Ingredient Production:

    • Domestic or International
    • Nicotine Base
    • Flavor Concentrate Formulation
    • PG/VG and VG/PG Custom Blends
  • Eliquid Production & Brand Development:

    • Both Small & Large Scale Production
    • White Label & Private Label Liquids
    • Product & Formula Creation
    • Reverse Flavor Engineering
    • Flavor Refinement through Accelerated Aging
    • Instantaneous Steeping Services
    • Custom Bottling & Labeling Solutions
    • Marketing & Branding Assistance
    • Trademark Consultation
    • Bulk Production
    • All CP/TR Bottle Assemblies
  • Product Storage & Distribution:

    • Domestic & International
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Worldwide Distribution
    • Safe and Proper Storage
  • Compliance & Product Testing:

    • FDA & TPD Compliance
    • Emissions Testing
    • Label Requirements
    • Registration Filing
    • SDS Sheet Creation
    • COA
    • Product Testing Services
    • Nicotine Level Testing
    • GC & MS Testing
    • All Chemical Analysis & Testing Available

  • What do you look for in a manufacturing partner?

    Ask yourself these questions:

    • Do you want your own line of custom branded e-liquids, but don’t have a manufacturing partner to produce them with?
    • Do you have a proprietary vape juice brand or formula that you need replicated & protected?
    • Are you or your current manufacturer compliant under the current FDA regulations here, or the TPD regulations abroad, and positioned to pivot as the rules change suddenly?
    • Have you ever considered selling your products in other countries but don’t know how to get started?
    • Do you know where your current manufacturer sources their ingredients, flavorings, mixtures & nicotine, and if they are compliant?
    • Are you or your manufacturer positioned to ensure long term viability?
    • Is there a reason that your current partner has not divulged this information without your inquiry?

Nicopure Labs has long set the vaping industry standards for quality manufacturing

• Production • Safety • Quality • Regulatory Compliance

Our commitment to quality

How Nicopure Labs Defines Product Quality

There are many ways to define quality: from a strict product angle, controlled manufacturing, subjective consumer preference, value-per-price, and more. At Nicopure Labs, we strive to exceed all quality standards. From initial concept to consumer satisfaction surveys, all of our products and actions are guided by an unwavering focus on quality.

Manufacturing & Product Quality Standards

Our unrivaled process begins with hand-selected, independently tested ingredients, procured through the most trusted global suppliers that provide the highest level of quality. After certifying their ingredients and components, we meld the raw materials together under the direction of the same lab technicians, flavorists, and chemists that started with the company years ago. After those materials are merged, the vape juice steeps to perfection in our climate-controlled cleanroom under stringent conditions, until they are ready to be processed by lines of automated equipment. The whole process takes place within an ISO-7 cleanroom operated by seasoned professionals, who are further supervised and recorded with audio-visual, closed-circuit monitoring equipment, along with an integrated manufacturing resource planning system.

Our Manufacturing Facility

Our purpose-built 10,000-square-foot building includes a ISO-7 certified cleanroom within the facility is a model of technology unrivaled in the vaping industry. No detail went without careful consideration. It is a product of years of experience, research and development, and thousands of hours of design and fine tuning. Co-designed with a world-recognized cleanroom installation company known as an industry leader in pharmaceutical design and construction, our cleanroom is an unrivaled environment for manufacturing e-liquids and various other products.

Nicopure is proud to be named "Most Committed to Quality" for 2016!

Nicopure was delighted to receive our first Golden Leaf Award in 2016. We are especially proud to be recognized as the “Most Committed to Quality,” as from the beginning we have implemented quality manufacturing practices which have since become the standard for the vaping industry.